A couple weeks ago (okay, maybe it was a month ago–time flies in a post-Reckoning world, you guys! ?) Tyler and I made the quick trip up the Long Road to the sophisticated settlement of Kaylee. I was looking forward to this for weeks for two big reasons: 1) We’re in the middle of the gloomy season in Amber (Ugh, acorn haze? Get me out of here!) and 2) HORN BEETLE BLOOD!

Okay, so before I get too excited about the color blue…?, let me give you a little perspective on my love of Kaylee. The last time I was there, I was just a naive know-nothing from Amber, hell bent on learning something–anything!–about fashion. I thought I’d have to be traded and temporarily hitched to see anything of Kaylee. Little did I know, you could visit without any legal attachments thanks to a temporary Long Road travel badge. Score! For all you single gals out there, this is a great place for a girl’s weekend, and there’s very little bandit activity in the Upper Bogs at the moment, thanks to the marshes getting drained. ?

Going with my boyfriend this time took it to a whole other level; someone to hold your bag while you haggle with the cloth merchants is a HUGE help, and also you get to see Kaylee through brand new eyes. Here is my list of Kaylee must-sees that Tyler and I visited on our trip.

Oak Leaf’s Blue Beetle Blood Dye

1. Oak Leaf Motors (Rabble District)

Oak Leaf is a really bad mechanic, but he is a true expert when it comes to insects. He can get you the best bugs that bleed colors that are bright and true. For an extra shrap, he’ll even teach you how to crush the bodies of these little monsters to get the most color with the least mess. Update: For more on that beautiful mess, see my post on Finding that All-Elusive Blue.

2. Eats and Treats (Gutter Street Market)

You can smell the market before you arrive–partly because of the sewage problem (they’re working on it!) and partly because of the wagons full of fried dough. A must-try while in Kaylee! Go for Auntie Turnip’s Fried Dough Barrel. It’s crispy and flaky with sugar-coated layers of pecan flour pastry. So delicious! Stop off at the adjacent stall (no name on this one, just a little outhouse with chipped paint) for a frothy acorn brew (you can take the girl out of Amber….). Once your head is all swimmy, it’s time to SHOP!

No Heels, But At Least It’s A Matching Pair!

3. Trading Shacks (Slaughter Lane)

So let me address the single ladies one more time. Unless you’re intent on getting hitched while on your Kaylee jaunt, skip the first alley of shacks and head north. There you’ll find treasure troves of pre-Reckoning jewelry and SHOES. Uh huh. You heard me right. While the heels have mostly been sawn off due to female height regulations in the Mandy Valley, you can get some pretty cute boots and even find matching pairs that come in colors. Red? Green? It’s heaven, ladies!

4. Puppet Show (Meathouse Theater)

The meathouse is a butcher shop by day, theater by night. Sneak in with the locals (hot tip: wrap your shoes in paper in case the floor has any, uh…leftovers). There’s only seating for fifteen in this tiny space, but with a Long Road travel badge, you can skip the line because they’re hoping to kidnap you after the show. Just don’t use the bathroom while you’re there, okay? The puppets are gorgeous and handmade in Kaylee. The show depicts several theories on the series of events that led to the Reckoning, and the cast of characters is so lively–sometimes they throw sharp objects at the audience! ? If you’re traveling with your kids, maybe find a sitter for the night and enjoy a little alone time!

Cool Witch Cosmetics (And They Don’t Eat People!)

5. WitchHaven Outpost (South Docks)

Excuse me while I fangirl out for a moment here. I love my girls from WitchHaven–they’ve got all the best organic skincare products and visit the Kaylee markets twice a year to sell their wares. Don’t let their stony exterior fool you. These chicks are super sweet. The cannibal rumors are TOTALLY EXAGGERATED. Be sure to grab some of their Thistle-Bee Lip Balm for the coming Wither. Your lips will thank you!

I loved my last trip to Kaylee, and I hope you get your own chance to soak up this cosmopolitan destination. Special shout-out to Tyler for tolerating all the extra unplanned stops. Who knew there would be so many new shacks? Love you, Ty! And to beautiful Kaylee, until next time, stay amazing. I’m sure I’ll be up the Long Road again in no time.



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