Finding That All-Elusive Blue


Is your world feeling a little gray? Acorn haze got you down? Let’s talk about a color that will make your eyes pop, your heart melt, and those men at the trading shack look twice before they buy.

I’m super into blue right now, and not just because I’m trying to get better at self-promotion. ? You guys, it’s BEETLE SEASON! After The Reckoning, the horn beetle population soared. These little guys are easy to find after the heavy rains, and there’s only one place to get them. Kaylee!!!

For more on this amazing city, see my Top Five Things to Do, See, and Buy in Beautiful Kaylee.

Now, back to the horn beetles–you’ll need these squirmy little guys to make your own blue dye. Their blood is the most gorgeous shade of midnight blue, and perfect for eye and ear paint, dyeing that old strip of acorn sack to make a brand new scarf, or beautiful ink to label your own bottle of Wild Hog Creek spring water.

“Ten shraps is way too much to pay, considering the rabid demand for these blue-blooded bugs.”

To find the best beetles, you’ll have to stray from the beaten path a bit. Kaylee’s Rabble District is the place to get BUGS! Talk to my friend Oak Leaf, owner and proprietor of the illegal mechanic shack behind the bread stall. He’s harvesting hoards of horn beetles in a drainage ditch on the opposite side of town, and he’ll have a bucket ready for savvy buyers. Hot tip: don’t agree to his first price! Ten shraps is way too much to pay, considering the rabid demand for these blue-blooded bugs. Counter for half and you’ll be able to meet Oak Leaf somewhere in the middle. He’s a real curmudgeon on the outside, but a true softie on the inside, just like the rolls he steals from the bread stall. ?

You’ll walk away with a paper sack crawling with potential for midnight blue!

Repurpose a fuel can with mesh top to let in air but keep those blue bugs in. They’ll survive for up to five days, and then it’s time to squash those suckers and get DYEING.


  1. […] Oak Leaf is a really bad mechanic, but he is a true expert when it comes to insects. He can get you the best bugs that bleed colors that are bright and true. For an extra shrap, he’ll even teach you how to crush the bodies of these little monsters to get the most color with the least mess. Update: For more on that beautiful mess, see my post on Finding that All-Elusive Blue. […]


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